CCR Headcleaner


After releasing a highly-regarded single and cassette, and embarking on several national tours, SF’s beloved CCR HEADCLEANER has released their much-anticipated debut LP on Pizza Burglar Records. Entitled, Lace the Earth with Arms Wide Open: 2013— (affectionately referred to as 2013) this maniacal record is as packed with ripping jams as their legendary live performances.  With former bands as the Hospitals, Long Legged Woman, and numerous other punk-influenced projects under their belts– these guys are pros at creating loud, fierce walls of sound. 2013 is a culmination of all the sweat and grime, hangovers and highs. It’ll rope you in with layers of vocals and harmonies and sharp, sneaky hooks and then blow you away with explosive breakdowns and pounding rhythms. It will lift you to the heavens and lay with you in the gutter.

We can always count on San Francisco to keep it weird, and the city’s newest RnR export, CCR Headcleaner are upping the weirdo ante and making a name for themselves with their art damaged, drug addled mutant psych. “Lace The Earth With Arms Wide Open” is an all night bender to the dark corners of your mind, at times feeling like French misfits, Catholic Spray or Le Chomage, at others a more unhinged version of White Fence or the Cosmonauts, but with a heavy love for stoner vibes and layers of feedback. Psych rock hasn’t sounded this fresh, unhinged, dangerous and loud in quite awhile. Every spin of their new lp will suck you further in, if it doesn’t unleash some demons along the way. Perhaps only their tour mates, Fuzz, can equal monumental glue huffing fueled fuzz freakouts that CCR Headcleaner are bringing to yer turntable. The face melting on the cover of “Lace The Earth” is not a joke. Grab this one and mind altering RnR awaits around every corner. SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!! -PERMANENT RECORDS


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